Narrative and Interactive Experience Designer with a multi-decade track record of success designing and implementing innovative content and experiences that leverage cutting edge technology to expand the landscape of possibility for storytellers and audiences alike. As a commercial and music video director, Ross has collaborated with bands such as Muse and Belle & Sebastian, and brands like Activision, Facebook, and Funny Or Die. Ross was also a creative consultant and test commercial director for Apple on the launch campaign for the iPad, one of the most successful product launches in history.


Creative Development

McGahey’s expertise comprises series, TV movies, feature film, and animation. As an executive at Deep River Prod., he began the campaign to get Little Miss Sunshine into production, and helped develop the Big Momma’s House franchise. At Disney, he developed Lab Rats, Kickin’ It, Wander Over Yonder, the Emmy Award winning Mickey Mouse shorts, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil among other series and movies. He was E.P. on Rebel for BET with legendary director, John Singleton, and was an E.P. on movies and series for Nickelodeon and Netflix respectively.


Technical Director

Jeff has worked across mobile, desktop, console, and handheld gaming systems over 25+ years and 28+ titles. From League of Legends at Riot to Boom Blox with Steven Spielberg, Jeff has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with teams big and small. He is extremely passionate about empowering players and creators through the art of organic and sustainable feature creeping.


Co-founded and grew Mindshow from an idea in a garage to a 23 person team. Built and led one of the best commercial VFX teams in the world at Method Studios, growing from 20 artists in one office to over 800 artists over three continents. Created the 3D bullet time wakes in the original Matrix film.


Head of Studio

Founder/EVP at Mar Vista Entertainment, a VC backed film and television studio. Responsible for building production pipeline from the ground up and scaling company revenue 10x over a five year period. Key credits include YOU (Netflix), UNREAL (Hulu) and A DEADLY ADOPTION (Lifetime). Experienced executive producer, network series executive and theme park/branding consultant.

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